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Issue No. 9
The Protocols of Bezalel’s Young, July 2008

InContext | Virtual | Presentation
The Female Figure as Representation of Germany in Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Movies
Oriana Weich
Schizophrenia through the Lens: Schizophrenia and its Representation on the Silver Screen
Orit Balicer Tsur
Urbanism as an Object
Oren Rabinowitz
Radical Body Art and Postmodernist Philosophy
Ayala Landow Pinsky
Imagine the World from a Bird-Eye: Aeropittura, Futurista and Imperialism as a Source to Urban Planning Under Fascist Regime
Gal Raviv
Anorexia Nervosa and the theories of Michel Foucault
Yael Amado
Rationalist Architecture Under Fascist Regime
Merav Battat
Constantinople between Paganism and Christianity: Defining a New Urban Layout
Revital Saga
The Protocols of Bezalel’s Young, July 2008 As in our last year's issue, we dedicate the current issue to papers written by graduate students as part of their studies in the History and Theory department of Bezalel. The present collection of papers is published along the final exhibition which presents projects done by the students as their final requirements in their respective department. By doing so we intend to stress the importance of the written theoretical papers vis-à-vis the practical down to earth studies the average student of Bezalel is faced with. Having the ability to dwell into and be preoccupied with abstract debates raised theoretically as part of their endeavor for materials to work on, is a reassurance for the importance of a written essay and a token of what is correctly labeled as 'liberal arts education' in its full sense.

The papers presented here stem from various sources, undefined interests and from subjective personals points of view. Each one of them was written under the supervision of a tutor and in this respect they all comply with academic excellence.

*As the articles of this Ejournal are written in Hebrew, the reader will find in the English section of the journal, only the abstracts.

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