History and Theory, Bezalel //   Issue No. 20 - Readings, April 2011
Land Without Earth and Corporeal Memory
Ilana Salama Ortar

About the Author :
Ilana Salama Ortar works and lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, and part time in London & Berlin. She was born in Alexandria, Egypt and immigrated with her parents to Israel. For the past 20 years, in what she describes as Civic Performance Art and Architecture of Emergency, she has been developing interdisciplinary site-specific art projects dealing with issues of migration, refuge, and uprooting. These projects examine specific geographical, political, cultural and historical situations of displacement and attempt to integrate people‘s experiences into shared critical architectonic environments. They are intended to create perceptible critical approaches and propose new "distributions of the sensible" in public spaces. Civic performance Art concept stems from her own experience as both a displaced person and a citizen living in the conflict-ridden Middle East. Her experiences have alerted her to ways in which displacement and habitat (architecture of emergency) affect the social and cultural life of individuals and communities, their memories and identities. Such issues become all the more pressing in the current context of global population movements and the politics of regulation.

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